Dear Owner,
Imagine, the day will soon end
The weather was fine, the day was long and is ending soon.
You are happy to come home, and to have a pleasant and relaxing evening.
But your phone is ringing.
At the end of the line, one of your tenants for the week.
He yells.
According to him, his friend's bed and the whole apartment are "infested" with bedbugs (I've never seen them in Val Thorens but you never know).
He threatens you. He will notify the town hall, social services, Matignon, the Elysée!
And there is no way he will continue to stay in the apartment and demand immediate reimbursement of the rental!
You are of course totally surprised.
The apartment was renovated 2 years ago.
There has never been a problem.
You are not sure where the problem comes from (apartment, condominium, neighborhood?).
Is that bad ? Is the apartment safe to burn?
Or is it just a little detail, taken care of with a bug bite?
You don't necessarily react well.
Either you get angry and things get worse.
Either you are too nice, and you run the risk of these people taking advantage of you. Especially if they have gone through a web intermediary who will prefer to take the opportunity to cancel the payment of the reservation in favor of the tenant because in these cases it is the tenant who is always right (lived experience)
Your evening off is gone.
You spend the evening on the internet trying to find out.
You are honest and conscientious.
You don't want to rent property with bedbugs!
You feel bad. You wonder if you are what is called a "sleep merchant".
Or does this youngster just have poor hygiene.
Besides, what exactly does "bedbug infested" mean?
There may only be 2 or 3, and this person is exaggerating.
Either because he's worried about himself and his friend.
Either because he is dishonest.
What if he demands reimbursement of the rent?
And if he tells the tourist office, what exactly are you risking?
You already see yourself in court.
Maybe we should call a lawyer?
Your spouse is worried.
The next morning you arrive at work tired. You slept badly.
And it's not over. You have calls to make to try to resolve the problem.
Instead, you could have received an email like this:
The Adrets Agency will inform you of a problem:
The person who manages your property knows how to react.
She knows what to do.
And you are at peace.
So here is my opinion:
At first, you can manage your apartment yourself.
We make mistakes, but it allows us to learn a lot and cope better with the following problems.
But when you start to have more than 10 tenants ...
Even if each tenant only contacts you once per season, it starts to become a problem to manage.
It's never a big deal, but it's always time.
Knowing that to deal with this problem, you don't just have to answer the phone.
• You have to manage the relationship humanely.
• It is often necessary to contact artisans. Many.
• You must sign quotes (write "good for agreement" and pay a deposit of 30%: obviously the RIB is never attached and you have to revive 3 times).
In short, you have better things to do.
You have a professional activity, and you need to devote your time and energy to more profitable things, such as finding your next investment.
Personally, I recommend then to put everything in management.
It costs a little money.
But it is an investment.
You invest in something that will free you 2 extremely valuable things:
• Your time
• Your energy
And there is no point in saving money if you have less time and energy than before!
But that's just my opinion
Some investors have developed real empires by managing everything themselves.
But we are not all the same.
Some people know how to deal with human relationships better than others.
Some people even like to receive phone calls.
I think I like my peace too much.
See you soon,
Jean Marc Fumey
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