New winter season 2022


We take back our ski equipment, we clean it, we sharpen the edges, we prepare our sticks for future downhill runs! We also think of good raclettes or fondues with family or friends!

We are there, only a few weeks before the opening of the ski slopes in Val Thorens after long months of rest. Like the hibernating marmots, we are slowly picking up on the good deeds of the fall: opening apartment reservations online.

Yes, after many months, we are actively preparing for the next winter season 2021-2022 and we are starting by contacting our owners to find out their personal occupancy dates. Then, the parameterization of each batch is carried out with the information of the tariffs week after week.

From that moment, we open the apartments for sale. And it is little by little that we are raising the availability of properties for rent.

So you can imagine that it is not just us: the sports and ski equipment stores that are starting to come out and prepare their equipment for hire or sale, the restaurant owners who are bringing out their kitchen equipment after long months of inactivity since the 2020 season, the ski patrollers who prepare their safety equipment such as nets or the maintenance of snowmobiles or other piste groomers, the piste service which fine-tunes the safety of skiers for ski activity on the 3Vallées, The ski lifts which prepare the cabins and other chairlifts to facilitate the boarding of skiers, Employers who make hiring offers for future seasonal workers who will be at the service of customers of the Valthorens resort, etc ...

You will understand that when you arrive for your well-deserved vacation, the resort of Valthorens and its local players have struggled for several weeks to be ready for the opening of the ski season. And it is very long this ski season since we open at the end of November 2021 to close at the beginning of May 2022.

To start the ski season at the end of November, the Valthorens resort is organizing the big premiere where we welcome around 10,000 people for the weekend. Then we ramp up to arrive on New Year when the station is almost complete. The month of January is relatively calm which allows all the teams to catch their breath because the months of February, March and April are very intense.

You can imagine that every Saturday of the winter season there is a two-way traffic in the apartments (entry exit) but also at the level of the car parks, the roads, the traffic on the departmental road 117 which has a length of 36 km between Val Thorens and Moutiers. You can imagine that there are hundreds of people who are at your service for your departure and where your arrival. Just as there are hundreds of people who are there to welcome you in restaurants, sports shops, ski lifts or the piste service.

And this is only a preview of a preparation for a winter season!

Visit our website to discover our selection of apartments for rent. Little novelty: payment by PayPal! Yes, this trusted actor offers you the possibility of paying with your PayPal account or if you don't have one, that's okay because you can pay for your stay with your credit card!

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