The owners in rental management at the Agency of the Adrets - Côté Montagne can access to their owner's space


Rental management of your property


If you are interested in rental management for your apartment, Agence des Adrets proposes 2 types of contract.


The contract of mandate

The owner is paid according to the number of weeks rented during the winter season. The rents correspond to the various rental periods. He can occupy his apartment when he wants (10 weeks maximum).

The price paid by the customer is available as follows: cleaning of the apartment + agency fees + owner rates


The guaranteed rent

The owner receives a guaranteed rent each year. This sum is guaranteed no matter what it arrives !!! The owner can occupy his apartment under certain conditions. The agency also pays for home insurance, small maintenance and cleaning.

Because of the french estate agents law, the guaranteed rent is covered by another company (more details) which is of course the partner of Agence des Adrets.


Whatever the selected contract, Agence des Adrets deals with :

• Commercial management of your apartment,
• Customer reception,
• Damage deposit, check in and check out weekly,
• Technical interventions,
• Cleaning every saturday.

During the autumn, we propose cleaning early season (shampoo carpet, degreasing, cleaning bedding, ...) and the updating of the inventory.






Quality Label - Belleville valley : the snowflakes


Until now, each agency marketed its aparments according to his own ranking. Agence des Adrets on the following scale: standard / comfort / premium / comfort & charm.


Next winter, in a spirit of unity and quality and with the aim of greater clarity for customers, all agencies of the valley will market under the same label.


This objective ranking is distributed on a scale from 1 to 5 snowflakes.

1 snowflake: standard > simple and functional

2 snowflakes: standard + > partly renovated

3 snowflakes: comfort > comfortable and renovated

4 snowflakes: comfort + > spacious and well equipped

5 snowflakes: standing > high standard and exceptional product


The aesthetics, style and harmony will then be valued by three colors: Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Click here to have more details on criterius.








Le classement en étoiles "meublé de tourisme" (basé sur des normes nationales) peut, sous conditions, vous faire bénéficier d'un abattement fiscal supplémentaire.

« Les meublés de tourisme sont des villas, appartements ou studios meublés, à l’usage exclusif du locataire, offerts en location à une clientèle de passage qui effectue un séjour caractérisé par une location à la journée, à la semaine ou au mois, et qui n’y élit pas domicile » (Code du Tourisme - Art D324-1).

« Les meublés de tourisme sont répartis dans l’une des catégories désignées par un nombre d’étoiles croissant, en fonction de critères fixés par un tableau de classement » (Code du Tourisme –Art D324-2). Ils sont classés de 1 à 5 étoiles.

Le classement est subordonné à une visite d’inspection qui doit être réalisée par un organisme agréé ou accrédité qui prononce la décision de classement (Sem Rénov sur la Vallée des Belleville)

Coût de la visite en 2013 : 70€ TTC (classement prononcé pour une durée de 5 ans).

Les revenus tirés de la location meublée non professionnelle sont imposés dans la catégorie des Bénéfices Industriels et Commerciaux (B.I.C).
Pour le meublé non classé, l’abattement forfaitaire est de 50% calculé sur un plafond de revenu de 32 600€.
Le « Meublé de Tourisme » bénéficie d’un abattement forfaitaire de 71% pour un plafond de revenu annuel de 81 500€, tiré de l’activité.
Pour tout renseignement complémentaire consultez votre Centre des Finances publiques.






Operations to Renovate the Leisure Properties (ORIL)


The ORIL program initiated by the municipality in 2003 continues on the Belleville Valley and helps owners with the formalities when renovating their apartment in the Vallée des Belleville.

The importance of this approach is to maintain the current level of trade of our three resorts and stay competitive with the competition.

The quality of the accommodation must be correlated with the global offering : the ski area, the facilities, the services offered ...

To have more informations on this program, please visit www.renovationlesmenuiresvalthorens.com
Value your assets and get substantial grants (€ 6,000 for the first 20 m² and 150 € / extra m²) by transforming the atmosphere of your apartment into a comfortable and enjoyable vacation spot.






Benefits adapted to you involvement in the resort

Your apartment is labelised and you can warrant of at least 5 weeks of rental last winter, get discount on ski passes and other activities!

You earn "owners benefits" that turn into coupons in the resort partners involved in the program: Valthoparc, SETAM, ESF, some shops …

Dowload your contract to receive faster your coupons!

Consult the guide of benefits!






The owner area : a privilege speaker for you


A space dedicated to the owners of second homes in Val Thorens in La Maison de Val Thorens!

To contact them : espace.proprietaires@valthorens.com

You can also register online on this link, to receive by email all the news about your resort.






Owners occupancy


To help you in choosing your ski holiday dates for next winter, you can consult the European school holiday dates.


We suggest you to use the document "personal reservations" by downloading or accessing it on this link.


The sooner you give us your holiday dates, the sooner we will offer your apartment on our online booking system.


If you have a knowledge who want to come on holiday skiing in Val Thorens, Les Menuires and Saint Martin de Belleville, do not hesitate to give them the coordinates of the Real Estate Agency des Adrets and the www.agencedesadrets.com and recommend them your studio or apartment. If their choice does not match your property, we are able to meet with other rental income.

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