Buying a chalet, apartment or studio in the Belleville valley is an unforgettable experience!

Since 1993, Agence des Adrets advises and guides you in your procedures, whether you wish to sell or acquire your second home in complete confidentiality.

Call on a recognized professional!


Going through a real estate agency to sell or buy real estate is to be motivated by saving time, securing the transaction and guaranteeing a fair evaluation of the price.

Here are the many benefits for both parties:

- for the seller: of course every seller wants to sell his property at the best price. But in the context of a person-to-person transaction, you are alone to estimate the fair value of your apartment, and once again on your own to enter into negotiations.

However, these are decisive moments which can strongly influence the completion time as well as the profit of your operation… Moments which fall within the expertise of the Agence des Adrets.

Thanks to our knowledge of the Belleville Valley real estate market (Val Thorens, Les Menuires and Saint Martin de Belleville), you are guaranteed to position yourself within realistic price ranges. How many ads in the window without any visit?


Going through the Agence des Adrets to sell also means having the various resources of the real estate agency at its disposal: our presence on the web with the referencing of all our real estate ads, our animation of the Facebook page which allows us to regularly distribute our sales offers or our real estate investment offers.

We provide you with our portfolio of goods and clients as well as our professional network (diagnostics, surveyors, notaries). Major assets to speed up your real estate transaction process.

You can count on our negotiation skills which will be at the service of your interests.

Another major advantage offered by choosing the Adrets real estate agency is that we provide a complete interface function by carrying out from end to end the various formalities essential at each stage of your sales project:

- the selection of candidates

- the organization of visit schedules

- assistance and verification of technical procedures (mandatory diagnostics, measurement of the surface of the property, etc.)

- drafting of offers or counter-offers

- support when signing the sales agreement with the notary: very important security since these preliminary contracts are legally binding for both parties.


- for the purchaser: the Adrets agency enables you to better define your real estate project for your future second home and therefore your search criteria.

This will be organized according to your priority needs (acquisition of your vacation property or pure rental investment), your personality, your budget and the realities of the market.

We will also advise you on the potential and the cost of fitting out properties that you would not have thought of.

We will put at your disposal our experience of seasonal rental that we have been practicing since 1993! Thanks to our network of professionals established in the Belleville valley, we will be able to advise you on the renovation of your future apartment.

These are major advantages that can save you a lot of time and therefore a lot of money!


Going through the Agence immobilière des Adrets to sell or buy therefore offers you significant security!

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