Spring Skiing


Your day starts in the morning !

It is 08:30 am: gentle awakening ... the sun begins to shine on the slopes!


Good breakfast in bed for those interested, croissants and bread are delivered by the concierge of the Real Estate des Agency Adrets.


10.00: why not a walk in snowshoes, just to put in leg?

 breakfast in bed
pause piquenique

It's 01:00 pm !

After the snowshoes walk and big efforts, it's time to eat!


Why not have a picnic or eat at one of the mountain restaurants of the Belleville valley?

The afternoon continues, it's 03:00 pm !

Small round skiing to see what happens: distractions, entertainment, cultural events, and deals are plentiful.


This is a time for festive activities, fun and open-air events (concerts, festivals, theme shows).


The sweetness encourages taking his time Curling up in the sun at lunchtime for a moment of conviviality or enjoy sunbathing in a mountain terrace.


Anything goes, you can make your day!

 bar musical
La nature s'éveille

Ater the afternoon break, it is time to have an apero !

Everything is going well, we laugh with family and friends, sausage Savoy is wonderful, Beaufort, tender to perfection. Book yourself a glass of Chignin Bergeron ... And why not eat a cheese fondue tonight? The atmosphere is the RDV! Damn, it was not planned ...


Fortunately, our concierge is here! Call, do order it to your fondue for the number of people you are, consider the deli and salad, that's it: our concierge book your order on time. In addition no extra cost on the products delivered!


What happiness ...

Skiing in Spring Time ! One of the best things about skiing in the springtime is the prices! Deals are available on everything from accommodation to transport costs, resulting in superb value for money.
There’s plenty of availability across the whole range of accommodation, often for significantly less than during high-season. Many shops have fabulous sales too, meaning that it’s a great time to buy ski equipment and clothing in-resort.


Start to book your accomodation


 appartement offre printemps


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