Skiing into Spring


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Snow conditions in the spring time are ideal for all kinds of skier, from nervous novice to superhero, with the last few seasons in particular saving the very best skiing until last. The pistes are in great shape having had all winter to accumulate a solid base. Adventurous types into skiing off-piste and ski-touring will have the choice between powder snow on north facing slopes and spring snow on east, south and westerly aspects throughout the day. Freestylers love the softer landing in the snowpark in springtime. Spring is a great time to take your skiing in a new direction.

After the middle of March, there’s no need to be up at the crack of dawn! Better to enjoy a relaxed breakfast and then enjoy skiing on velvet snow warmed by the sun having frozen overnight. With fewer people on the mountain at this time of year, you can enjoy magical conditions with nobody else about!

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Centre aqualudique

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After putting your skis back in the locker, there is still plenty of time to try another activity and experience a new sensation. A multitude of activities are on offer at this time of year: snow-shoes, tobogganing, dog-sledding, snow mountain-biking, ice-diving, walking, paragliding and much more. The whole range of traditional winter facilities in-resort like swimming pools and aqua-leisure centres are still very much alive and well in spring too.

And if relaxation is the name of the game, spring is the perfect time of year to go to the mountains. All kinds of indoor and outdoor wellness centres can be found in-resort, from hammams, jacuzzis and saunas to various kinds of pampering and treatments to make you forget the stresses of everyday life and feel completely rejuvenated.

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France’s ski resorts have embraced and adapted to the opportunities spring brings, and lay on a host of fun festive activities and open-air cultural attractions throughout the period (concerts, festivals, themed spectacles).

The mild temperatures encourage you to take your time, relax in a deck chair on the terrace at lunch, and work on your sun tan all afternoon!

Anything is possible; it’s up to you to let your day go wherever the mood dictates!

 Le repas du soir
La nature s'éveille

Sun, light, softness promote awakening of nature.

With the strengthening of the sun’s rays in the spring time, the natural world in the mountains comes to life. Marmottes- the original affable mountain mammals- emerge after their winter hibernation to play in the sun, while Ibex and Chamois tread the fine lines along the mountain cliff faces. Underfoot a field of blooming crocuses in the valley contrasts with a mountain peak blanketed by fresh snow at the summit. Spring is the perfect blend of winter and summer!

Skiing in Spring Time ! One of the best things about skiing in the springtime is the prices! Deals are available on everything from accommodation to transport costs, resulting in superb value for money.
There’s plenty of availability across the whole range of accommodation, often for significantly less than during high-season. Many shops have fabulous sales too, meaning that it’s a great time to buy ski equipment and clothing in-resort.


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