Control your apartment

You have just arrived in your apartment for your stay.
Thank you to check the condition and cleanliness of the apartment. Please send us this form by email no later than the day after your arrival.
Any notice that we will not be reached in due time, is the acceptance by the tenant of a clean apartment and in a good state.





Rules of life :


Thank you to occupy this apartment as a "Good man". If you have not taken the household option, you must give us a clean and "in good condition" apartment when you leave.
Close the door of your apartment with the key, close the windows. Protect the environment : turn off the light when you leave, do not let the tap run, reduce the intensity of heating.
Put your valuables safe. Real Estate Agency des Adrets can not be responsible for money and personal effects which come to be stolen from your apartment or on the premises of the residence.
Thank you for taking all necessary precautions.
Enjoy your stay!
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